FTATEHIG is a limited edition streetwear label for men and women created by inventor, curator and designer Ken Lee.  FTATEHIG´s signature flagship collections offer a wide array of alternative streetwear, sportswear and artistic expression. We know that streetwear has always been about scarcity … about being the only one in your neighborhood with the flyest shoes or the hottest new tee, so that's how we envision the label.  FTATEHIG limited edition items are available on a first come first serve basis so once sold out, they never return to ftatehig.com.  We look at our fashion label as art. The clothing pieces are the canvases for our art, and similar to standard art pieces, we produce limited quantities of art, so that the value of these art pieces appreciate over time.  The goal is longevity and value. We want fans of our art to feel proud knowing that the items they invested into, no matter how old, will always maintain and/or increase in value.  FTATEHIG is not "politically correct", nor do we shy away from controversial topics, we understand that some may disagree and some may even hate our subject matter at times.  However, understand we have no problem creatively addressing things that may make people feel uncomfortable and are passionate about doing so.  "It's Not A Brand.  It's an Attitude" is our motto and our art will always reflect the passion and attitude that is demonstrated in every single piece presented in our store.  Known as "FTATE" for short or "the /piNGK/ rectangle", its innovative collaborations with local and established designers, musicians, artists, athletes, and painters from around the world; the constant evolution of the label keeps its audience on their toes.    
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