YouTube Star Jake Paul Wants To Fight Soulja Boy For $20 Million

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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With Soulja Boy running around challenging other rappers’ credentials and offering fades via Instagram, it was only a matter of time before someone offered to fight him for real. However, the challenge came from a seemingly unexpected source: YouTube star Jake Paul, best known for his video “It’s Everyday Bro,” terrorizing his neighbors, and a stint on Disney Channel.

TMZ reports that Paul offered $20 million to make the fight happen after the two exchanged some verbal jabs in an Instagram Live streaming session. Their verbal joust included some loud money talk, resulting in Paul telling TMZ’s reporters, “I don’t like some of the stuff he’s recently done, but it’s more business. … There’s just a lot of controversy around him, and I think people would like to see him get knocked out.”

Paul also noted that he doubted Soulja would actually have the cash to put up against the fight, boasting that he’d supply the $20 million himself. “Naw, I don’t think he does [have $20 million],” he said. “He’s always, like, capping.” Paul clearly thinks that he’d at least hold his own; he fought fellow Youtuber Deji in a celebrity boxing match last year and won handily.

Soulja Boy has yet to respond, but is clearly aware of the challenge. He retweeted the original news story as well as a tweet from a fan telling him to “beat [Paul’s] ass.”