Your Can Own Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ On Vinyl For A Cool $300

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

It’s easier than ever to be a Beyonce stan. Acceptance of the Queen Bey is at such a universal level that Saturday Night Live created a whole spoof out of the dangers that even slight disapproval can carry. That leaves us with a conundrum. How are true Beyonce stans to distinguish themselves, among the great unwashed masses who know some of the words to “Love On Top?” Well, purchasing this $300 box set of Lemonade would be a pretty great place to start.

The pricey set isn’t all fandom-fueled. There are some genuinely great, high-end aspects to the made-to-order collection dubbed “How To Make Lemonade.” For one, you’ll get Lemonade on lemon-colored vinyl. It also comes with a 600-page book of behind-the-scenes photos, a foreword by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, poetry by Warsan Shire, writing from Bey herself and insight into the visual and thematic inspirations of the album and its accompanying videos.

It’s a great resource for the hardcore Hive member. If they haven’t already inhaled The Lemonade Syllabus on their own time, that is.

Of course, Bey is a generous queen. So, those of us who want to own her landmark album on vinyl without shelling out can grab the vinyl by itself for $30.