Young Thug’s No-Show For A Concert Might Cost Him $360,000

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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Young Thug didn’t show up for a video shoot and it turned into art. But when Thugga allegedly tried to do the same thing to a planned concert, it turned into a lawsuit. The rapper reportedly is being sued over failing to appear at a concert in Rochester, NY and the promoter is seeking a hefty $360,000 in damages.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, concert organizer Nicholas Fitts filed the suit against Thug on January 17. Via the lawsuit, Thug was scheduled to appear at the Roc Summer Explosion in Rochester on August 13. When the rapper didn’t show up, Fitts was forced to cancel the show. Fitts claims that he lost $201,620 in tickets sales. Fitts came to the $360K figure after adding in $27,500 for the deposit, $11,216 in security costs, $33,600 for lighting and sound and $57,446 for promotional costs, venue rental and insurance.

Fitts adds in the lawsuit that Thug “did not have a valid legal reason for his failure to perform.” Making matters worse, the lawsuit claims that Young Thug never rescheduled the show even when he returned to Rochester in December to perform at another venue.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t pull the same thing at this awesome-looking festival in Ohio, because we already got our hopes up.