Young Thug’s Felony Drug Charges Have Been Dropped Because Of A Technicality

Posted by Brandon Caldwell on

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Young Thug’s history with the police blotter has been as varied as his guest appearances over the years. There may have been no weirder case for Thugger than his July 2015 arrest in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Authorities raided the 25-year-old rapper’s home and turned up with a slew of possession charges ranging from guns (3) to marijuana to cocaine, all felonies.

But according to TMZ, Thug caught a bit of a break today. The DA decided to drop all of the charges except for the marijuana one, but even then, Thugger and his lawyers had one more trick up their sleeve. Due to the officers conducting the 2015 raid without a proper search warrant, the judge tossed out the marijuana charge as well.

Young Thug’s clarity on recent releases from “Sacrifices”, “Ice Melts” and “What You On” may have given him a bit of luck. He’s not exactly out of the legal woods yet. Back in January, a warrant was issued for his arrest over a missed court date after he received a ticket over tinted windows.

He’s kept a relatively low profile since then, recording features, not showing up for the “Wyclef” video from Jeffrey and absolutely destroying Calvin Harris’ “Heatstroke” single. Here’s hoping we get more new music from him soon.