Young Thug’s Daughter Dancing To ‘Digits’ Is Just More Proof That Kids Love Thugger

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

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One thing is for certain, Young Thug loves his kids and, if you speak ill of them, he might “slap the sh*t” out of you afterwards. Maybe it’s because of that affection towards them or maybe it’s the sing-song delivery of his lyrics but kids seem to love Thugger back, including his daughter Amari. That’s her in that video, dabbing her little life away and emulating her famous Pops just enjoying the hell out of his track “Digits.”

Little Amari isn’t the only kid getting into the act either. Here’s another little one letting some steam off to Thug’s “Best Friend,” and especially enjoying his “Eat the booty like some groceries” line.

And of course, the legendary “Power” girl, who knew the words to Thug’s track months before he ever officially released it.