Young Jeezy Accepts Bill O’Reilly’s Invitation, Good Idea?

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Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean?” “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing. If you gotta mispronounce my name to try to be funny and you got a Harvard or whatever education you got, then you’re really showing how ignorant you are.”
-Young Jeezy

Full Story: XXL Mag

Can Young Jizzle handle the pompous O’Reilly on his turf? Bill O’Reilly will try his best to make him look foolish and make him get heated from insults. Young Jeezy will need to be prepped and must keep his cool at all times. Video of Damon Dash & Camron vs. Bill O’Reilly is below YOU MAD LOL.

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