You Can Stop Waiting Around For That Second Kendrick Lamar Album

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Despite evidence to the contrary, it seems like we aren’t about to get another Kendrick Lamar album any time soon. The Compton rapper took to Twitter today and finally ended the speculation, writing, “ThankU 4 the desire of always anticipating new music of my own. None is coming. My work will be in our future TDE dates tho.

From the moment he announced his latest album DAMN. fans began wondering if there was a second album on the way. Whether the theory came from some harebrained Internet reasoning, or through some actual conjecture doesn’t matter, the point is fans started expecting a second album.

Of course, the rumored second Kenny album never arrived — unless you think the album backwards, in a more linear structure, is the second album — but Kendrick poured more gas on the fire recently with a quip during his autograph signing in Compton on Thursday.

“I got some more music coming,” he said while broadcasting briefly on Instagram live. Many were hoping he’d elaborate more in his interview with Zane Lowe on Friday, but he remained pretty vague on details. Even though there isn’t another album coming down the pipe, it does seem like he’s not done working. Perhaps a full-scale tour could be in the works?