World’s Fair Drops Another High Energy Glimpse Of ‘New Lows’ With ‘Dundas Street West’

Posted by Andre Gee on


Queens rap collective World’s Fair is back with another single. Fresh off their “Win4” video, the six-man squad is back just in time to placate fans dying for more music before their New Lows album drops next Friday on Fool’s Gold records. Their newest single, “Dundas Street West,” is a high-energy track that’s ripe to be the theme song for any album release party that they’re planning. World’s Fair has six members who all provide distinct flavor to the soundscape they have deemed in the past as “futuristic boom bap,” and half of the squad shows up on “Dundas Street West” with Nasty Nigel, Cody B. Ware, and Freaky Fanz dropping bars over the electrifying synths and 808 drums.

“High as well, might as well hit the club” Nigel rhymes in his characteristically energetic verse. He sets the tone with a debauchery-tinged verse that paints an Animal House on-the-go-like image of what it’s like when the crew is on the scene. New York City is at the heart of the World’s Fair experience, from their name that references a landmark of their Queens hometown to videos like, where they eschew luxury cars or other music video trappings to simply ride the J train.