Will Chris Brown’s Domestic Dispute With Rihanna End His Career?

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Will Chris Brown’s career survive the negative press caused by him assaulting Rihanna? His, “good boy,” image is over with, advertisers will no longer want him in campaigns and artist close to Rihanna will never want to work with him again. How will his young fans react to the news that seems to get worst and worst? Will his loyal fans stop supporting him once pictures of what he did to Rihanna surface?

This story has had a lot of speculation but at the end of the day it is known Chris Brown put his hands on Rihanna. No new revelation will be able to justify him doing that.

Give your thoughts on the entire situation below.

Latest Updates:
TMZ is reporting the altercation between Chris Brown & Rihanna started after he recieved a text message while driving with Rihanna. TMZ is also claiming Rihanna’s eye & mouth were swollen, she had a fat lip and her nose was bloody.

Jay-Z is reportedly very tight about the situation. Although there are no concrete proof of this, it is obvious he would be since she is his protege. Kanye West described Rihanna as his baby sis and said he was devastated by the news(LA Times).

Chris Brown Aunt Speaks
Terrence Howard says Chirs Brown is a great guy below.