Why Did 50 Cent Punch A Female Fan At His Concert?

Posted by Caitlin White on

Getty Image

Well this is slightly disturbing to watch — at a recent concert 50 Cent was filmed hitting a female fan. Now, in the video TMZ posted of the incident, 50 Cent looks legitimately concerned about the way a fan he reached out to from the stage is pulling back on him, but his immediate response is to hit her. This isn’t really the kind of thing you want to be making headlines for at a show, and though he didn’t instigate the situation, he certainly escalated it.

While performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage the rapper reached out to a member of the audience in a friendly way, but quickly his expression changes as she seemed to throw him off balance — that’s when 50 struck out in retaliation to hit her square in the chest. After jumping back up onstage, he seems to almost immediately realize his mistake, and requests that she be brought up onstage, which she agrees to do.

Later, she twerks onstage along to one of the songs, so perhaps she’s over the whole incident… but it’s hard to imagine getting punched by a rapper you paid money to see and feeling okay about it. There’s no clip of him directly apologizing to her, but things seemed to at least be calm by the end of it. Watch the clip via TMZ.