Watch Stephen Colbert’s Spot On Take Of Kanye West’s Odd ‘Ellen’ Interview

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Kanye West’s wild ride of an Ellen appearance was bound to prick up a few ears, especially among late night hosts looking for fresh ‘Ye material. Stephen Colbert was the first to jump on Kanye’s takeover, unleashing a spot-on parody of the rapper’s rant.

“No one else was allowed to speak. For almost eight minutes Kanye held forth on everything from ‘Kanye’ to ‘West’,” Colbert said.

After playing a series of highlights from the initial video — “Picasso is dead! Steve Jobs is dead!” is a personal favorite — the Late Show host delivered a pitch-perfect rendition of his own Kanye-style rant.

“I understand Kanye, because we’re a lot alike. I feel like if Mark Zuckerberg gave me $53 million, I could buy more shoes,” Colbert said. “I want to make better hotdog buns…I called Oscar Meyer. I’m like ‘We gotta make longer buns that match the length of the hot dog.”

Colbert manages to get a solid laugh out of an “Yes, We Have No Bananas” joke, which is insane because you wouldn’t didn’t think there’s much crossover between fans of Colbert and early 1920s Broadway. Before he transitions into his take on the “Picasso” segment.

“Picasso is dead! Walt Disney is dead! Sleeping Beauty? Not dead, just looks dead,” he said, before closing with the American Dream.

“I don’t want to invent fashion that stops global warming or a computer that stops racism, I want to own a boat so big it ends poverty,” he said.

Check out the whole thing up top.