Watch SremmLife Crew Ball Out In A Parking Lot For Impxct’s ‘I Don’t Want Her’ Video

Posted by Mikelle Street on

SremmLife Crew’s Impxct has something to get off his chest: “Homie that’s your chick? I do not want her,” he says in the first few seconds of his latest video “I Don’t Want Her,” coincidentally released on his birthday. He repeats the refrain throughout the track, which is the latest from his upcoming debut mixtape One of a Kind. “Yeah, lil homie I know you need her,” he raps. “You better keep her, she’s a keeper.” Glad we got that settled.

Set to beats courtesy of TL On The Beat, the dreadlocked emcee bounces around a parking lot, dancing with a few friends. The track is a follow up of sorts to “Get It My Way,” that the 19-year-old released back in August of 2016. At the time of that release, the artist was supposed to release the accompanying mixtape at the end of 2016, which was eventually pushed back to February of this year. Now the expected date is March 14 according to his Twitter bio.

“People mistake me for trying to take they girl when in reality they got it twisted – it’s their girl that’s tryna vibe with the squad,” Impxct told The Fader over email about “I Don’t Want Her” which was first released in February. “Me being who I am, I show love to everybody.”

And who can hate on that?