Watch Rich The Kid Rhyme In A Straightjacket In His ‘Lost It’ Music Video With Quavo And Offset

Posted by Andre Gee on

Rich The Kid has gone through a momentous summer full of highs and lows, but he’s still going apesh*t on the game, as the video for his “Lost It” single attests. The thumping trap burner shows Rich The Kid rattling off triplet rhymes not about Lil Uzi Vert, but about his “bossy” girl and walking “out the bank rich.” Given that his name is Rich, the line has a bit of unintentional humor, but there’s nothing funny about Offset and Quavo’s commanding feature verses near the end of the track. “Lost It” shows off a formidable trio of Atlanta trap ingenues doing what they do best: Collaborating and rolling out nimble flows over quaking 808s.

The Alex “Grizz” Loucas video shows Rich in a state as if he really lost it, in what looks to be a mental asylum, delivering bars in a straight jacket while alternately in a padded room and restrained by doctors. Rich leaves the facility by the end of the video, bejeweled and with glasses intact. Perhaps he’s symbolizing that it’s all good in his world, even after his reputation-tarnishing run-in with Lil Uzi Vert and more seriously, an armed robbery in LA that left him in the hospital and his girlfriend Tori Brixx injured. Seemingly anyone would have lost it after those incidents, but Rich The Kid isn’t anyone.