Watch Open Mike Eagle And Paul White’s Trippy, Animated ‘Dang Is Invincible’ Video

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Toonami viewers were given a special treat last night when Open Mike Eagle and Paul White’s premiered their new music video for the song “Dang is Invincible” during Adult Swim’s regularly scheduled programming. Taken from their acclaimed, collaborative album, Hella Personal Film Festival released last year — which made our best rap albums of 2016 list — the song is a sonic mind-jerker, filled out by tons of fuzzed-out guitars, backwards echo and Open Mike’s signature flow.

The video is just as twisted as the music. According to the director, Alex Pierre the video is meant to mimic Mike’s stream-of-consciousness rap style.

“Conceptually the video parallels Open Mike’s stream-of-consciousness and the narrative style of rap,” he said. If that was indeed the goal, mission accomplished. The clip follows an animated protagonist named Noul, taken from Studio Doulzia’s film concept Skeletonblood as she navigates her way through a set of New York City subway cars.

“Her journey speaks to finding assurance and humor in the subtle unfamiliarities that exist within the atmosphere of intimate settings like train cars that otherwise could make a person feel vulnerable,” the studio explained in a press release. “The song felt really visceral, and we wanted to capture that as much as we can visually.”

Coming on the heels of the exhilarating visuals they put together for “Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)” that hit just a few months back, it’s fair to say that Open Mike and Paul White have this whole music video thing pretty well figured out at this point.