Watch Ed Sheeran Defend Nicki Minaj’s Honor By Rapping Her Entire ‘Monster’ Verse

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Earlier today, Ed Sheeran made an appearance on the Breakfast Club where he was asked, as a fan of hip-hop, about Nicki Minaj’s ongoing beef with Remy Ma and more specifically, the latter’s song “Shether.” In diplomatic fashion, he chose to deflect the question by bringing up how if he was going back and forth with another singer-songwriter it might be good because of the inspiration that might provide. Charlamagne Tha God wasn’t buying that, stating flatly, “You and anybody would be the dumbest beef ever.”

Things took a turn however when Sheeran mentioned his love for Nicki’s iconic verse on the Kanye West song “Monster.” Just like Adele on Carpool Karaoke, Sheeran claimed to know all the words, so Charlamagne decided to put him to the test. Sheeran gets off to a rocky start, kicking off with Rick Ross’s opening line instead of Nicki’s, but with a little help, he manages to get back on track.

While he certainly doesn’t go word for word, you’ve got to hand it to Sheeran, he does a pretty good job making his way through most of the word-y song. He’s no Adele, but then again, who is?

Check out Sheeran’s take on “Monster” in the video above.