Watch Dame Dash’s Violently Bloody Trailer For His Kanye West-Produced Film ‘Honor Up’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

The trailer for the long-awaited, Kanye West-produced Dame Dash film, Honor Up, has been released and it’s a violent, bloody mess — in a good way.

Keeping it real, no one other than Dame Dash was expecting an Oscar-worthy production, especially after an extended ordeal in getting the film — formerly known as Too Honorable — made in the first place, including the Twitter defection of co-star Stacey Dash (Dame’s cousin). But with the release of the trailer and a solid release date for the movie itself, Honor Up finally looks ready for the public. If nothing else, it’ll be an entertaining — if unintentionally funny — popcorn flick.

The film is the latest in Dame Dash’s growing filmography that includes avowed hood classics such as State Property and Paid In Full. Like his previous work, the movie operates on a familiar premise of guns and drugs, with appearances from fellow Harlemites Cam’ron, Murda Mook, and Smoke DZA. The plot seems to revolve around some sort of crime family eliminating members suspecting of snitching. In any case, a whole bunch of folks get shot, including one over-the-top scene involving an automatic weapon being used at point-blank range with a laser sight, which just seems excessive. As Cam’ron says in the trailer, “War ain’t about who’s right. Sometimes, it’s about who’s left.” Judging from the trailer, I think it’s a safe bet that very few members of the cast will make it to the final credits.

Honor Up hits theaters February 16.