Waka Flocka Speaks On Rick Ross Watering Down His Sound

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Kanye is known for keeping his finger on the pulse of the moment to create something greater. After “H.A.M.” he moved on—there were no other flourishes of Waka-ness on The Throne album. But Rick Ross delved deeper into the sound, co-opting it as his own. “That’s crazy,” says Waka. “But what you gonna say? This nigga out here making 30 fucking sounds with your sound. He watering it down, just putting words together that sounded good. Shit would be harder if it was the truth.”

If you think Waka might be supremely pissed about the imitators, you’re right. He is. “That shit made me tight,” he says. “Niggas built labels off our sound—like, literally. You know how many niggas sound like Lex Luger and Southside? I go in niggas’ studios, all their beats sound like my producers. I be like, What the fuck?” But above all he tries to maintain perspective: “You can’t be mad at something you can’t control.”
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Do you agree with Waka Flocka, did Rick Ross water down his sound? Does the sound even belong to Waka Flocka or is it Lex Luger’s?