Video: Lil B Freestyles & Cooks In NYC

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More footage from Lil B’s show at Santos Party House in NYC.

The New York Times reviewed the show:

Recently he’s been pushing the slang term “cooking” — even Diddy made a reference to it on his Twitter page — and an accompanying dance, and the people in the audience came prepared. One fan wore a T-shirt that read, “Master Chef.” Another wore a droopy chef’s hat. Another waved a spatula in the air. Most of the rest did the cooking dance. Toward the end of the night Lil B invited the crowd to crash the stage, shouting, “We having, like, a 10-man cookout!”

It was fantastic and bizarre, but at least humane. The next day Lil B posted on Twitter: “If you have found or collected rare #video footage of Lil B at a show … please save that for your life. He will not be here forever. #based.”
Full Review: NY Times