Vic Mensa Is The Latest Rapper To Diss Lil Yachty

Posted by Brandon Caldwell on

Guess we have to add Vic Mensa to the list of rappers who don’t think fondly of Lil Yachty. The Roc Nation rapper took center stage during a tour stop at the University of Cincinnati over the weekend and as opposed to stroking fan interest in regards to new music, the Chicago rapper used four bars in particular to take shots at the 19-year-old “1 Night” hitmaker from Atlanta. Watch a social clip of the moment above.

“Yeah I signed to the Roc / Now they say I’m Illuminati / B*tch I’m a tsunami / What the f*ck is a Lil Yachty?” Mensa rapped.

Naturally, social media turned into high schoolers playing telephone with the clip. Mensa wouldn’t be the first rapper to publicly disparage Yachty, given the teen’s ambivalence to the legacy of The Notorious B.I.G., his status as a “mumble rapper” and so on. And he more than likely won’t be the last. Remember J. Cole going after a certain crowd of rappers in the lead up to 4 Your Eyez Only? Exactly.

Though it must be said, Yachty could care less about the world’s feelings about him. In an ambiguous tweet sent out early Sunday afternoon, he joked it may be time to “hop off the planet.”

He did apologize for that Biggie thing, by the way.