Twitter Might Have Scored Us The Rihanna-Lupita Nyong’o-Issa Rae Movie We Never Knew We Wanted So Badly

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See that picture, it’s just a random candid shot of two of the most universally beautiful humans on this planet, Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o. They were just minding their business at Paris Fashion Week back in March 2014, being gorgeously chic and talking about whatever it is universally beautiful humans talk about while watching the Miu Miu show. Maybe they liked some of the clothes, or had plans for world domination, or there was a platter of churros off in the distance and they were craving some. Who the hell knows? The point is the picture is fairly amazing — especially when you add the fact that they were seated between Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Olsen — and apparently the internet finally found out about it and they were in awe.

First, one Twitter user tweeted the picture simply amazed by the admittedly incredible outfits.

Then, the fan fiction began and yeah, this is a pretty amazing idea.

And while Insecure creator and star Issa Rae…

and burgeoning Okland rapper Kamaiyah were simply enjoying the looks…

Lupita caught wind of the fanfic and was instantly down for something major.

It took Rihanna a few days, as she was busy enjoying LeBron James’ latest playoff victory…

…and doing all of the other opulent things Rihanna spends her days doing, but she caught wind of it all as well and confirmed her involvement in the scamming of rich white men and computer hacking, be it in real life or imagined life on the big screen.

And as a bonus, it turns out the cool people in the inner circle call Lupita Pit’z.

Or maybe it’s just Riri. Also, is that pronounced Peets, or Pits?

After that, some guy named Darrell got the incredible idea to add Issa to this somehow and bring everything back full circle.

And Issa got right to work typing up the screenplay for the movie that we never knew we wanted so badly, but we’re now feverishly awaiting.

And in case you thought this all might be some silly pipe dream or just famous and beautiful people tweeting jokes and stuff, Rihanna confirmed that at the very least, Issa possibility.

Eventually, famed Selma and 13th director Ava DuVernay was tossed into the mix and she’s in too, of course.

And Lup- I mean Pit’z even gave this incredible action-comedy-heist-whatever-else-they-want movie a title, Cashing In.

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Now, before you laugh it all off, worse ideas from Twitter have been made into movies before. When this turns into the new Fast and Furious franchise, just remember it all started with a tweet.