Tracy Morgan Surprises On ‘SNL’ By Showing The Finer Points Of Being One Of Beyonce’s Twins

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It’s always nice to see a familiar face on SNL. It’s especially nice when that familiar face is Tracy Morgan returning for a sketch. Morgan is co-starring in Fist Fight with Charlie Day and Ice Cube, but on SNL he’s got a much bigger role alongside Kenan Thompson. Both are playing Beyonce’s recently announced twins, ready to take on the world and possibly grow up to own their own continent or something. We’re talking Beyonce, she could pretty much do anything if there’s money involved.

While the sketch isn’t a classic, it’s got plenty of call backs to some Morgan trademarks. There’s the idea of getting someone pregnant while you’re already inside of another pregnant woman, always something to consider on a dark, lonely night.

These babies really are going to end up taking over the globe and ruling us all one day. If that whole pain surrogate thing isn’t close to reality, it isn’t worth getting pregnant if you’re rich. Just buy all of your children and skip the pain entirely. This is especially the truth if your children are poised to slay from day one. Just look at this picture and tell me they aren’t destined for greatness.


It’s either that or they’re destined to be sketch comedy stars for life.

(Via SNL)