Tory Lanez Went Off On Royce Da 5’9 After He Said Joyner Lucas Outrapped Him In Their Battle

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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It looks like social media is at the center of another brewing rap battle, this time as a result of one of the many previous ones that has already taken place this year. A couple of weeks ago, Toronto rapper Tory Lanez engaged in a friendly lyrical sparring match against Eminem protege Joyner Lucas that sparked plenty excitement among rap fans who enjoyed the competitive aspect of the back-and-forth. However, when one fan asked a veteran rapper for his opinion, the reply sparked Tory’s hot head instead, resulting in an exchange of insults and threats on Twitter.

When asked, “You think Tory won that Joyner battle?” by an inquisitive fan, Shady Records rapper and former Slaughterhouse frontman Royce Da 5’9 responded with an atypically curt reply: “No.” Unfortunately, Tory, who’s been enjoying gloating about his perceived victory for weeks now, had some thoughts to share in a now-deleted response that read, “That’s why u rappidy n—-s always had the wrong conception of a W … shows why y’all careers look how they look now.” Of course, he’s referring to the fact that Slaughterhouse is now defunct, despite a nearly decade-long run, during which the group failed to register a charting hit.



Royce, however, comes from a different school of sh*t talk. While he offered to let Tory “slide because you’re new,” Tory deleted the tweet, only to continue to go in on a separate tweet that read, “Ain’t nobody scared of rolls 57 lyrically . I deleted my comment cuz I’m not gone keep acting like my n—- Joyner didn’t do his thing . the old n—- kinda had a point .. what i said came off like some hating shit . People are aloud to think anybody won … simple.” When that happened, Royce canned the nice guy act, resorting to straight-up threats.


“If you tryna get yo mufhkin ass beat, you doing everything right,” he warned. “I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because you Canadian. Now go play somewhere before I get upset.” Tory’s response? “don’t let ur gym workout and the fumes in the air start confusing your mind… u finna do ? Fight me through emojis and text?” He signed off with an invitation to commit a vulgar act, an invitation which Royce declined, signing off himself with an ominous salutation: “Remember, you said it, not me.” This is the guy that once threatened a rival with a rocket launcher, so Tory may want to watch his step:

Plenty of “rap beef” has started online, from Meek Mill’s “Twitter fingers” incident to Eminem‘s ferocious, albeit belated diss of MGK after MGK slighted him on Twitter a few years ago, but this one appears to have the potential not only for a war of words, but real life action. Hopefully, everything stays on record and we get a fun bout out of it, but maybe it’s better for all parties involved if everyone just utilizes the other element of social media and direct message each other some apologies.