Top 5: Lies Woman Tell Men (Be Honest If You Have Heard Or Said Them)

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1. This is yo pussy
2. I’m on my period
3. I’m cuming
4. I don’t give head
5. He’s My Friend

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5. “He’s My Friend“: Let’s be serious, male friends are huys that want to hit but are waiting for the right opportunity. They are waiting for a girl to get tired of their man and come running into their bed. Most of the time it never happens, especially if your nice. If there is no proof of a male being related to a girl he is put on the watch list. Once in a while a guy and girl can just be friends but I rather be skeptical of every guy.

The rest of the list is below, also feel free to leave your thoughts on the list and if you have said/heard these lies.

4.”I don’t give head“: It’s 2009 just about all girls are giving head, but a lot won’t admit to it. They don’t want to be looked at as a whore or have a reputation for giving brain. A chick will tell you she don’t get down like that and next time you see her she has a neck brace from all the head movements she been doing. So she will say this if she is just getting to know you, doesn’t like you that much or is just not in the mood. Some girls might just really not do it and will wait until marriage, but you can tell them they will need practice.

3.”‘I’m cuming“: It’s a lot harder to cum for a female than a male. So some sessions will have to get wrapped up early with some fake moans because if you not hitting it right it may never happen. Or you might just be getting some pity sex and she wants to end it quick, lol like guys care.

2.”I’m on my period“: Needs no explanation lol, YOU NOT GETTING ANY. You can try to get some dome and pray you don’t get hit with the 2,4 combo, OUCH!

1.”This is your pussy“: I can’t lie I heard this lie before and thought to myself GTFOH. It’s only yours when you in it, who knows how may guys get an easy pass for it. Even if your married the mail man might be hitting that. To be honest, females should say this is your pussy for the next few hours, night, or until a guy with better looks and more money come along. It can’t be mine cause my name ain’t on it and I don’t get a sign in sheet for everyone who enters it.

Bonus: “The Kid is Yours“(Noooooooooooooooooo)