Throwback Video: Nas Post Summer Jam 2002 Interview

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Have things changed from how Nas described radio stations in 2002? For those that don’t remember 02, there was a rumor Nas would get back at Jay-Z on stage:

So just where was Nas on the night he was supposed to perform at his first-ever Summer Jam? He was in New York, but he was on the air, taking no prisoners in an interview with Hot 97’s rival, Power 105.

“I’m here to let my people know why I am not at the Summer Jam,” he said on former Hot 97’s DJ Steph Lova’s show. “I been bamboozled, hoodwinked and the whole nine … I’m here to let my people know that I was dissed this morning and told what I couldn’t do on the show. Which is really outrageous and shows that the wrong people are in power … It’s really out of hand and I’m not going for it.”

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