Three Florida Rappers Allegedly Robbed And Killed A Drug Dealer For $300 To Flash At Their Concert

Posted by Delenda Joseph on

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It’s fairly common for rappers to shoot music videos or flex on social media with bricks of counterfeit cash to show much they “out here gettin’ it.” But what does one do when they need real money to floss at their concerts? “Rob the neighborhood dope dealer and kill him” is apparently an option.

Three struggling rappers from Winter Haven, Florida were arrested over the weekend for allegedly robbing a drug dealer of $300 and then killing him after. Police say an hour after Joseph Edward Brandon (a.k.a. Waxx), Jonathan Felix (a.k.a. Killa), and Dylan Kindred (a.k.a. DK) killed Tyler Macklin, they performed at a “lit” concert where they flashed the stolen $300 on stage. And you bet your bottom dollar there’s video of the men flashing the money they allegedly killed for just an hour before.

Per The Daily Beast, the plan to rob Macklin was Kindred’s. The two were Facebook friends and Kindred thought robbing Macklin would be an “easy lick.” However, things turned deadly last Wednesday when Felix and Brandon, who was armed with a gun, entered small-time drug dealer’s home while Kindred waited in the car. Kindred, 20, later turned himself in and snitched on Brandon and Felix, telling Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd that he heard a gunshot before Felix and Brandon came back to the car.

Brandon and Felix have been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed burglary, and conspiracy. Kindred is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

(via The Daily Beast)