This Guy Tried To Troll Meek Mill And Now He’s Getting Crushed On Twitter

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Since his feud with Drake, Meek Mill has sort of become synonymous with losing. Whether that’s fair or not doesn’t really matter, the internet doesn’t have time or the tolerance for such nuance, so Meek losing has become a joke, a meme and a go-to epithet online and it shows no signs of slowing down. But now, even if briefly, the tables have turned as some guy from Twitter decided to try and send a shot at Meek and got rightfully roasted on Twitter in return.

Gen Music, a songwriter and rapper from London thought he had quite the joke on his hands, as he ran into Meek at a W Hotel somewhere and immediately saw the irony. So he did what any internet troll would do, he asked Meek for a picture and went to Twitter with a joke. “At the W with the king of L’s,” he said before tagging Meek in the picture and seemingly sat back and waited for the retweet and likes to pour in. Except they didn’t. Instead, Twitter went on the attack, reminding Gen just how corny the whole thing is, forcing him to eventually explain himself, claiming he knows Meek and was in on the joke.

We’ll see if Meek thinks the whole thing is funny, as he seems to usually keep up with this kind of stuff and respond on Instagram, but in the mean time Gen is getting roasted and there seems to be no end in sight.