These 10-Year-Old Twin Girls Can Remix Biggie Better Than Most Professional DJs

Posted by Caitlin White on

DJs Amira & Kayla are just two young disc jockeys trying to make it in an extremely oversaturated market. It’s hard for a DJ in 2017 to breakout into the mainstream, but these two twin girls have already made their mark. The catch, which you might have already noticed if you’re watching the above video, is that these twin girls are just 10 years old! Somehow, they’ve already developed the ability to spin behind the boards better than, well, most of your favorite DJs. Not only that, but their taste is already excellent too, in the above clip they chop up Biggie Smalls without batting an eye.

The best part of the clip may be how one twin acts as a hype-woman while the other one scratches the record. She seems overjoyed and delighted to highlight her sister’s role in making the song sound sick. When I heard that tiny voice shouting out “BIGGIE” I was hooked. Honestly, when I was 10 I could barely bop to a rhythm, let alone cut up a song and make it sound incredibly good.

Amira and Kayla are well on their way to extremely successful careers as DJs, even if they were just looping through the birthday party circuit for a while. That isn’t the case though, they’ve already had quite a few high-profile slots, as their website reveals. And the chance that they’re spreading knowledge of The Notorious B.I.G. to other ten year olds along the way? Incredible.

Watch the clip above and look for more of their clips on their Facebook page and official website.