The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Mashed Up With The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Song Is Absolute Fire

Posted by John Gotty on

For anyone who’s managed to avoid either The Weeknd’s chart-topping song “Starboy” or the Netflix sensation Stranger Things, prepare to deep dive into both with this marvelous mashup of the two pop culture phenomenons. Once it’s over, chances are they will earn your fandom, just like everyone else, or at least steal a moment of respect based off the ’80s bliss captured here.

The show’s theme song is almost as well known as the series itself and The Weeknd’s Daft Punk-produced title track from his latest album has been a chart force all its own. A Twitter user by the name of flipboitamidles took to took Abel’s infectious vocals and merged them with Stranger’s familiar theme to create an almost perfect match The clip, later shared by another Twitter user named Ohhellojon, was so good it ultimately earned the best co-sign possible when The Weeknd took to Twitter to praise it. “This is dope as f*ck,” he wrote, which probably has ohhellojon doing a dance right now in celebration of the nod.

Tune into the Grammys this weekend to see The Weeknd and Daft Punk perform the track.

Correction: The creator of the clip is flipboitamidles.