The Production Credits On Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Include U2, The Alchemist, BadBadNotGood And More

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Hearts broke all over the world last night when Kendrick Lamar announced a one-week delay on when his new album would be released. Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration — it’s not like he delayed it indefinitely or anything, and seven days isn’t all that long to wait! Still, the momentum behind this record could not be building at a quicker rate.

After the monster diss track “The Heart Part 4” dropped a couple weeks ago, and was quickly followed up with the sizzling “Humble” — which had a whole other storyline of its own after some backlash — and everbody in TDE rubbed it in that they’ve already heard it, fans are amped to hear this thing.

Today, we’ve got some more info on who might be involved, as in the credits on the iTunes pre-order had some familiar names. As Reddit points out, if you click through to pre-order the album it reveals the album credits, which include P. Hewson, D. Evans, A. Clayton & L. Mullen, aka U2, and C. Hansen, A. Sowinski, M Tavares & L. Whitty, aka BadBadNotGood. Also Track 4 credits J. Blake which is probably gonna be James Blake, Mike Will Made-It shows up, along with Sounwave, DJ Dahi, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, and more. Check out the full tracklist with production credits below.

Track 1: K. Duckworth, D. Tannenbaum & Anthony Tiffith (Top Dawg)
Track 2: K. Duckworth & M. Williams II (Mike Will Made It)
Track 3: K. Duckworth, M. Spears (Sounwave), D. Natche (DJ Dahi) & Anthony Tiffith
Track 4: K. Duckworth, M. Spears, J. Blake (James Blake) & R Riera
Track 5: K. Duckworth & M. Spears
Track 6: K. Duckworth, D. Natche, M. Spears, Anthony Tiffith & T. Martin
Track 7: K. Duckworth, S. Lacy, A. Wise & Anthony Tiffith
Humble: K. Duckworth & M. Williams II
Track 9: K. Duckworth, D. Natche, M. Spears, C. Hansen, A. Sowinski, M Tavares & L. Whitty (BadBadNotGood)
Track 10: K. Duckworth, Z. Pacaldo, T. Walton, M. Spears, G. Kurstin & Anthony Tiffith
Track 11: K. Duckworth, M. Williams II, D. Natche, M. Spears, Anthony Tiffith, P. Hewson, D. Evans, A. Clayton & L. Mullen (U2)
Track 12: K. Duckworth & D. Maman (The Alchemist)
Track 13: K. Duckworth, R Riera, M. Spears, D. Natche, D. Tannenbaum, Anthony Tiffith & R. LaTour (Cardo)
Track 14: K. Duckworth & P. Douthit (9th Wonder)

“The Heart Part 4” isn’t included on the list, which makes sense as he usually drops a song in “The Heart” series as a stand-alone right before a new album. As far as we know, this record will come a week from today, right before his Coachella performance.