The New Black Over Class: Lebron, Lil Wayne, Baby & Bob Johnson Speak

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It was a very interesting show, featuring rich African Americans and how they manage their money. The show highlighted how huge a success Cash Money records is and that Bob Johnson is one of 2 African American billionaires in the U.S. It also posed the question why does Baby buy all the diamonds and cars, but he doesn’t really give a in depth answer to it. In my opinion if he earned he can do what he wants with it, of course it would be nice to give back but it’s his money. In another part they talk to Kurt Franklin and his charity work. They then ask him with all the cars and the big house that he owns, can’t you he doing more charity. I think it was an unfair question, you work hard to be successful so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor

Lebron James

Bob Johnson