The Migos Brought Russell Westbrook Out For A ‘Bad And Boujee’ OKC Remix

Posted by Robby Kalland on


The Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” is still holding strong on the Billboard Top 100 chart in the No. 2 spot as the Atlanta rap trio has crossed over into the mainstream music consciousness with their first single from their latest album CULTURE.

When you have a chart-topping hit, you’re going to have to play it a lot, and the Migos have learned the time-honored tradition of artists to tailor their biggest hit to whatever city they are in at the time. Most recently, the Migos played a show in Oklahoma City on Monday night and offered up an OKC remix as Quavo flipped part of his verse to “cookin’ up dope in OKC” and then ad-libbed with “shoot a n**** just like Westbrook” over and over until Russ ran onto the stage.

The crowd lost it as Russ came out and did his dance and played to the crowd, before sliding back behind the stage as the Migos rolled into their next song. This is how pros play to the hometown crowd, by bringing out the biggest local star on stage and ad-libbing lyrics about him. Westbrook also is a pro as he popped out, did a little dance but didn’t get wild on stage (like Joel Embiid at the Meek Mill concert) before retreating to the back to let the show continue.