The List Of NFL Draft Walk-Up Songs Includes Tracks By Beyonce, Drake, And Kendrick Lamar

Posted by Bill DiFilippo on

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For three days every April, football fans throw on the NFL Draft and watch as the next wave of potential stars come into the league. Sure, it’s nothing compared to watching a game, but there’s something really fun about watching prospects find out where they will start there careers.

Plus there’s the spectacle of the entire thing – a massive crowd comes together to watch the entire thing. And to boo Roger Goodell. It’s probably mostly to boo Goodell, but beyond that, there are plenty of cool aspects of the draft. For example, this year, the list of walk up music for every player who is in Philadelphia was released prior to things kicking off.

So a few quick things:

1. There is a lot of rap music, most of it is pretty good. Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer went with Kendrick Lamar, LSU safety Jamal Adams and Western Michigan receiver Corey Davis were feeling Future, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson and Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson went with Kodak Black. This is all fine and good. We even got some Beyonce in here thanks to Solomon Thomas! HOWEVER…

2. …we gotta talk about newly-minted Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky picking “Forever” by Drake. My man is out here picking a song from 2009, which is a strike, because there are so many other options that have came out since then. Additionally, this song was made for a documentary about LeBron James. Either Trubisky is saying he thinks he is the NFL’s LeBron James, or he has not listened to music since 2009. I refuse to acknowledge that, you know, it may just be that he just likes this song. Similarly, Utah offensive lineman Garett Bolles picked “All the Above” by Maino featuring T-Pain, which also came out in 2009 and was a staple in high school basketball recruiting mixtapes for like two years.

3. The guy who went to Wisconsin (offensive lineman Ryan Ramczyk) picked “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Sure, this song is older than he is – it came out in 1992 and Ramczyk was born in 1994 – but a Wisconsin player picking “Jump Around” is tremendously on-brand.