The Internet Loved Rihanna’s Hilarious ‘So I Made It To Harvard’ Moment During Her Humanitarian Speech

Posted by Caitlin White on

Earlier this month Harvard announced that they’d chosen none other than Rihanna as their Humanitarian of the Year. Most notably, Rihanna had an oncology and nuclear medicine center built at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados — a pretty large gesture when it comes to giving back to your community.

Along with this, the singer also started a scholarship program for Caribbean students who want to attend US colleges. The prestigious university wanted to recognize her for this work, and today was the ceremony honoring her for this accomplishment. You can watch the hour-long ceremony, which was livestreaming earlier today, above in full.

Of course, some people who would stereotype Rihanna by her flask drinking at the Grammys ways, this isn’t what they’d expect from Ri Ri. In her speech, she poked fun at this a bit by highlighting the fact that she’d made it all the way to such a prestigious platform, and giving her hair a little flip.

Obviously, the internet couldn’t get enough of her attitude, and people were celebrating the moment right and left. You already know the good stuff is in the Twitter reactions, which just keep coming. How could anyone resist with that hair flip? Solid gold, all of them.

Notes on her outfit:

Her award is historical in more ways than one, she is the first black, female artist to receive it:

Watch her full speech above and check out the full livestream (beginning around 35:38) below.