The Heartless Washington Wizards Trolled Nick Young By Playing An Iggy Azalea Song

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Nick Young plays basketball. Iggy Azalea had a hit song about being fancy. For a brief time, they were lovers. They were to be married. But then it ended. The world fought through the heartache but we all moved on. We had to. If they could, we could.

Well, the Washington Wizards couldn’t.

Young missed a 3-point attempt against the Wizards on Thursday. Rattled in and out. It happens. No big deal, right? It was for the Verizon Center DJ, who scrambled to play the opening beat of the Azaela song “Fancy” as the Wizards prepared to inbound the ball. This is what the kids call “trolling,” as it was designed to be a laugh at the expense of the basketball guy on the other team.

Here’s why it’s funny: For a while, Young and Azalea cared about each other but at some point, it turned sour. It’s fair to say they both felt emotional pain, and the Wizards DJ felt it was time to open that wound. We laugh at the pain of others to mask our own fear of abandonment and to perhaps distract ourselves from the fact that we never felt anything as real as what Swaggy and Iggy had, even if their love burned too hot and consumed them both.

The Wizards beat the Lakers 116-108.