The Game Is ‘Happy’ With The Justice System For The Outcome Of His Cop-Punching Case

Posted by Delenda Joseph on


Last December The Game revealed he was headed to jail for punching an off-duty cop during a pick-up basketball game gone wrong. With the possibility of jail looming over his head, the Compton rapper also said he was going back to the studio to work on what might be his last album, The Westside Story. The possible retirement news is bad news for fans, but the good news is Jayceon copped a plea deal and will not be going to jail after all. Instead, Game’s heading to anger management, and he’s grateful.

Game chatted with TMZ about his plea deal and said therapy is something he’s always been interested in. “The anger management might not be bad. I’m kind of looking forward to that,” Game said about being sentenced to 26 anger management classes. “You ever watch movies, and somebody is sitting in the chair with their legs crossed like this? For some reason […] that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s not a joke, but I think it might do some good to go in there and talk to a psychologist about my anger issues and what not. But I’m normally a happy guy.”

The Game was also sentenced to three years probation.