The Game Got In A Fight With His Teammate At The Drew League Playoffs

Posted by Robby Kalland on


The Drew League in Los Angeles is the most competitive pro-am basketball league in the country, with a rich history and enough cache to bring out some of the biggest stars from entertainment and the NBA to drop in and play.

DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Nick Young, Andre Drummond, and many other NBA stars pop up at The Drew regularly to put on a show and get some competitive reps in the offseason against the best amateur competition out there. The Game is among those that plays in The Drew every year, and the Compton rapper has some impressive skills on the court.

He also takes his hoops very seriously and isn’t afraid to mix it up, with the opposition or, apparently, his teammates. On Sunday, Game’s squad Birdie’s Revenge took on Redemption in quarterfinals action and at one point, things boiled over in an on-court argument between Game and Jarion Henry, resulting in a hard punch from Game landing and Henry squaring up and the two throwing haymakers before it could get broken up.

It’s a pretty wild scene, and you can see there was some chirping between the two while refs sorted out a foul. Ultimately, Henry said something that sent The Game over the edge, leading him to throw a punch and then from there it was on.

Birdie’s Revenge lost the game 74-72, with Henry having 16 points, 10 assists, and six rebounds, while Game had six points and one assist in the loss. Had they won it would’ve been really interesting to see how they would’ve handled things going forward, but instead their season is over and we won’t get the chance for a possible round two on the court.