The Future And Rocko Beef Might Be Over, As Long As Rocko Gets His Money

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

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At the end of the day, Atlanta rapper Rocko is known for two things: “U.O.E.N.O.” and the song’s dozen official remixes and discovering Future. He surfaced last year when he sued Future for the dreaded “unpaid royalties” to the tune of $10 million, only to be countersued by Future and things have been in a stasis ever since. Now, with Future back and releasing albums weekly Rocko is back, and he’s still waiting for his money.

Last week a rumor from an unsubstantiated source went around that Rocko would be receiving 50 percent of Future’s tour revenue for the next two years and all of his album royalties from his next two albums gained traction online, despite the shady sources and sites reporting it. The noise got so loud that Future addressed it himself during a twitter Q&A on Tuesday after he announced his new album Hndrxx.

“No way in the f*ck am I doing this for him,” Future said. “When ni***s go broke they do dumb sh*t” he continued, speaking on the rumors.

Now Rocko is responding, via a lengthy Instagram caption where he states “Only reason it’s even a lawsuit in place is because he said let the lawyers handle it.” Rocko goes on to say he’s genuinely promoting Future when he posts his music on his platforms because he believes in him and wants him to succeed. Eventually he added “I’m not out here trying to take advantage of anyone. All I want is my percentage we agreed upon.”

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So, maybe the beef is over, at leasat from Rocko’s side and as long as he gets paid.