The Dance Video For Jeremih’s ‘I Think Of You’ Is Almost Hotter Than The Song

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

It’s damn near impossible to outsexy a Jeremih song. Especially one where Jeremih is actually trying — with lines about “panties on my nightstand” thrown in to counteract the genuine unsexiness of Big Sean’s voice. But the video for his song “I Think Of You” might actually have pulled it off.

The video follows a bunch of dancers closing down the most lit, most NSFW Discovery Zone in the universe. They sway their way around the arcade, the prize booth and the roller rink in a way that’s definitely not meant for the day-time patrons. Jeremih avoids more impostor rumors by sitting this video out entirely. Check it out up top.

The video and the single came out relatively close to each other and given this song’s hot hot heat, it might make its way up the chart this summer the way plenty of his other hits have. It seems like logistics are constantly holding Jeremih back from being the major R&B star we deserve — see the bungled mess that was the release of “Oui” — a song that deserved to be a No. 1.

Either way, “I Think Of You” appears to be our first taste of Later That Night, Jeremih’s upcoming album and the seeming end of the singer’s long-running Late Nights series. Keep an eye on this guy, he’s still one of the best game, drama aside.