That Controversial Pepsi Ad Was Very Good For One Person

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

That controversial Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad was good for a lot of people, provided they weren’t Pepsi. It was good for late night hosts, Saturday Night Live and people who like to make jokes on Twitter. But lest you think that everyone involved in the Pepsi ad is crying into a tall glass of America’s second favorite soda right now, you should know that Skip Marley is probably loving life.

The singer whose song “Lions” soundtracked the already pulled ad has seen that track shoot up the charts in relation to the controversy. According to Billboard, the song was streamed four million times in the wake of the ad, an increase of 1749 percent over the previous week. It ran up the magazine’s Reggae Digital Songs Chart to the number two slot and jumped from number 35 to number 11 on their Twitter-based Emerging Artists list.

“Lions” is just another part of what’s been an excellent year for Marley. He was a crucial part of Katy Perry’s disco ball-debuted and slyly political mega-hit “Chained To The Rhythm.” That song has been in the Top 20 of Billboard‘s Hot 100 since its debut, peaking at the number four slot and currently sitting on the tail end at 19.