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Lil B Adds Over 30 Mixtapes From His Back Catalog To Streaming Services

Posted by minaannlee on

Lil B has added over 30 mixtapes from his back catalog to streaming services Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

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Lil B Thinks Video Games Need Their Own ‘Black Panther Moment’ And Might Be Working On His Own Game

Posted by jimroxx on

Declaring himself a proud gamer, Lil' B explains why video games need more diversity and hints he might be working on an RPG of his own.

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Lil B Is Cooking In The Studio, And In The Kitchen

Posted by Hope R. Carter on

A conversation with hip-hop's enigmatic, delightful 'BasedGod' about his new music and new cooking show, 'Food Makes Me Happy'

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Lil B Took A Victory Lap For His Bold Prediction That The Celtics Would Be Good This Year

Posted by Bill DiFilippo on

The Based God's curse gets all the attention, but before the season, the Celtics received the Based God's blessings.

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Post Malone Responds To Lil B’s Tweets About His Place As A White Rapper In Hip-Hop

Posted by Andre Gee on

Post also said he thinks being a white rapper is held against him 'a lot.'

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