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The Ego Trip Is Over For New York Rap’s Elder Statesmen — And The Destination Is Peace

Posted by Andre Gee on

Who knows how great New York’s legendary MCs would have been without the egos that spurred beef they acknowledge shouldn’t have happened.

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Ja Rule Tried To Curse The Kings By Saying Karl-Anthony Towns Will Leave Them

Posted by Jordan Zirm on

Unfortunately for Ja, Karl-Anthony Towns does not play for the Kings.

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Ja Rule’s Performance At The Milwaukee Bucks’ 90s Night Could Have Gone Much Better

Posted by Bill DiFilippo on

It's been established that Ja Rule is always there when you call. The Bucks gave him a call, so he performed at their game on Saturday.

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Despite The Fyre Festival Disaster, Ja Rule Says He Has Plans To Create A New ‘Iconic’ Music Festival

Posted by Derrick Rossignol on

'In the midst of chaos is opportunity.'

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Ja Rule Finally Apologized For His Role In The Fyre Festival, Saying He’s ‘Devastated’ By The Outcome

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Ja Rule wrote that his 'heart goes out' to 'anyone who has been negatively affected by the festival.'

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