T.I. Proposes A Boycott Of MSG Until The Charles Oakley Lifetime Ban Is Lifted

Posted by Delenda Joseph on

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LeBron James, J.R. Smith, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have all spoken out in support, but T.I. wants people to do more than just saying a few kind words about Charles Oakley. The former New York Knick was arrested last Wednesday and charged with three counts of assault fo allegedly shoving a security guard. The Knicks claim Oakley was acting in an “abusive manner” and has slapped him with a lifetime ban from ever stepping foot inside Madison Square Garden again. As a result, T.I. wants people to boycott MSG until they do right by Oakley.

The Us or Else rapper said “If HE can’t go. WE ain’t goin!!!” in response to James Dolan imposing the lifetime ban on Oakley. T.I. made the comment on social media and was backed by some fans who chimed in with their two cents. “That’s what I’m sayin… boycott these @nyknicks games and get rid of the piece of [sh*t] owner @nba .. coming from a Knick fan since 85’,” a supporter said on Instagram. “You right, T.I. We must do more protest against company that f*ck over our people. Hit them in their pockets.”

Meanwhile, Knick fans were at the Garden Friday night, chanting, “Free Charles Oakley!” as the home team lost to the Nuggets, 131-123. #OakleyCurse? Probably not as it was the team’s fourth consecutive L. Two more losses and it’s officially a curse, though. Them’s the rules!