T.I. And Young Thug Narrowly Avoid A Pool Party Robbery In Their Opulent Video For ‘The Weekend’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

T.I.‘s peer pressure almost gets him and Young Thug stuck up in their opulent video for “The Weekend” from T.I.’s recently-released Dime Trap album. Fortunately, the duo remains cool under fire and turns the tables on their would-be assailant, who lets her greed get the best of her in confronting the two trap stars.

The video takes place at a luxurious pool party, where T.I., Thug, and Dave East throw dollar bills on beautiful women while outside, even more pretty faces are plotting their entrance with less favorable intentions. The gang of gorgeous thieves makes their way through the party, slickly relieving the guests of wallets and jewelry via pickpocketing techniques, but when their leader corners T.I. and Young Thug with a Mac-10 while the former tries to convince the latter to hang around for a while, all the two rappers can do is laugh. They return her to her car the fast way: Through the window, causing her to land on the old-school Chevy with a crash and T.I. to remark, “I made a mess.”

T.I.’s other recent Dime Trap videos have played with this dynamic of wealthy frivolity and shocking violence, reflecting the album’s theme of the former trap lord enjoying the fruits of his labor, but being willing to commit heinous acts to protect it. His “Jefe” video with Meek Mill also turned a party into a massacre, only in reverse, showing how quickly his attitude can switch from amusement to cold menace. That’s how you make it so long in the game — and how you make it out alive.