Stream Wale’s New Album ‘Shine’ A Whole Week Early

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on


For years Wale has been one of rap’s most polarizing figures. Those who support him view him as something of a savant, a premiere talent who doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his talent and his output. For others, Wale and his personality are grating and intolerable, no matter how good the music he puts out might be. But for those willing to lend an ear, Wale’s output the past few years has been solid if not spectacular. Though he hasn’t been able to continuously release material that matches up to his contemporaries like Drake or J. Cole, he’s forged a lane and continuously hit that mark during his time in the limelight.

Now, a week earlier than expected, Wale is back with his latest offering Shine, and much like Summer on Sunset before it, it has plenty of above average Folarin music that will be sure to satisfy his fans. Wale even dips into the current Caribbean-infused trend by adding WizKid and Davido to separate tracks, though it must be said, it’s refreshing and a tad more authentic knowing it comes from someone with roots in the region and culture.

Check out Wale’s Shine below, featuring guest appearances from Lil Wayne, G-Eazy, WizKid, Chris Brown and more.