Stop The Madness: School Children Are Being Victimized In China

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An unemployed insurance salesman slashed 28 kindergartners with a kitchen knife Thursday in Jiangsu province, leaving five children critically wounded in the latest in a series of copycat attacks at schools that have left 10 dead and dozens injured. The latest of four attacks beginning March 23 took place in the coastal city of Taixing, 120 miles northwest of Shanghai. The 46-year-old assailant overpowered a security guard at the front gate of the Zhongxin Kindergarten, authorities said, and entered a classroom.

The publication Legal Daily, in a story earlier this month, raised the issue of social inequality leading to violence and cited an online survey in which 64% of respondents attributed Zheng’s actions to “the widening gap between rich and poor in China.”

Full Story: LA Times

Goes to show how crazy this world is, people are going around not only stabbing strangers, but children in school. You lose your job and fall on hard times and take it out on children?