Stop The Madness: New York Students Struggle To Read & Do Math At Grade Level

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After years of soaring test results, the number of city students who can read and do math at grade level plummeted on tougher-to-pass state exams. Only 54% of third- through eighth-graders passed state math tests this year, compared with 82% the year before, a shocking decline of 28 percentage points.

Bloomberg said every student deserves a good education, but he cautioned that not every student would go to college. “Lots of kids don’t want to go to college. They want to go off and have a career,” he said. “The last time I checked, Lady Gaga was doing just fine after only one year in college.”

Full Story: NY Daily News

Bloomberg mentioning Lady Gaga makes no sense to me, what percentage of people that don’t graduate college go on to make millions? I guarantee you all of Bloomberg’s kid will be getting degrees.