Stop The Madness: A Man Wants His Kidney Back From His Wife After She Cheated

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“When I donated … the next day on my feet going down hallway to visit her in adjoining room, there was no greater feeling on this planet as God is my witness, felt I could put my arm around Jesus Christ,” Batista said.

Now that story of risk and sacrifice has taken on a sensational twist, with the doctor demanding his kidney back or $1.5 million in compensation after he claims his wife had an affair and sent him packing from their million dollar Massapequa home.

Full Story: CBS2

Organs in the U.S. may not be bought, sold or exchanged for something, so he has no chance of getting his organ back. Pretty F’d up to save your wife’s life and she uses her second chance at life to cheat on you.

Guess HE AIN’T on that Will Smith 7 lbs sh!t…lmmfao! – 2Cents