Stop The Madness: A 13 Year Old Is Accused Of Killing His Brother To Take Over His Drug Operation

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Mykel, a seventh grader, is now accused of masterminding the slaying of his 16-year-old half-brother so he could take over the drug operation — one police say they inherited from their father, who is in prison for running one of the biggest cocaine rings on Cape Cod.

Mykel, according to authorities, was jealous of the money Jordan was making and wanted to take over.
Over two days in December, police say Mykel, his 20-year-old cousin, Robert Vacher, and 13-year-old Kevin Ribeiro stole $10,000 in cash from Jordan, killed him, poured gasoline on his body and set him on fire.
The three walked into a car dealership, pulled the $10,000 out of their pockets and bought a used silver BMW, O’Keefe said.

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This remind of, “City Of Men,” which I just seen the other day. This story is crazy for the fact that the kid is only 13 and that he may of killed his own brother.