Steph Curry Might Be The One Person Who Can Leave Charles Barkley Speechless

Posted by mrothstein914 on

Steph Curry’s heroics at the end of the Warriors’ Game 4 victory over the Blazers were enough to send any basketball writer or lover into spasms of verbose ecstasy vomit, but for one of the NBA’s preeminent talkers, Steph had the opposite effect. It’s quite a special thing when Charles Barkley is rendered speechless, but then again, Steph’s 17-point overtime (an NBA record) was special enough to deserve it.

Perhaps the best part of the above video besides the obvious was Ernie Johnson’s reaction. Ernie is a whip-smart guy who often has to listen to Chuck, Kenny Smith and Shaq say complete nonsense at ungodly hours, so anything that finally takes the words out of one of their mouths must come as a relief to him.